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  1. coyoteugly

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    Apr 22, 2008
    I'm trying for the second time to mount a Bushnell Elite 3200 scope on a new Remington 700 SPS in .204 Ruger caliber with Leupold's 1" Dovetail rings to their bases, part number 50016 STD 7002PC. The scope mounts good and I have proper clearance between the scope bell and barrel. I can adjust windage for bore sighting but cannot lower the elevation crosshair enough to get the scope bore sighted. It seems the rear base needs to be higher. Both the front and rear base are the same thickness or height, and I cannot lower the front base so do I need to purchase a shim and longer screws or something to raise the back? Have others had a similar problem when using Leupold's Dovetail mounts on Remington's Model 700 Short Action Varmint rifles? I successfully used Weaver Bases to mount an old Redfield scope on this gun previously to break the barrel in. I was wanting to mount a Leupold scope on the rifle, with Leupold Rings when I'm financially able............but mechanically things are not working out. Please let me know your recommendations or suggestions. Thanks, Rick
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    Jan 2, 2007
    Every light year or so, this problem comes up............I have seen it mostly on Remingtons.

    You might try swapping the rings front to back just for grins, but probably will have to shim the rear base.

    I have made shims from stainless shim stock, but I think Brownell's sells shim stock for this porpose, and maybe, precut shims. Longer screws may or may not be needed, but Brownell's should have those, too.

    1-800-741-0015------ask for tech support.


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    Apr 1, 2008
    Burris makes a signature universal scope ring that has inserts. I believe it is called pos-align. It allows you to adjust up/down and also left/right. you have to buy to offset inserts seperate, but for under $40 you can have the hole setup. I ordered mine from When sighting in your new scope change out the offsets until you get within an 1" of where you want it to shoot and then use the reticle adjustments to fine tune. The reason I picked these up is a friend with a 300 win mag had his reticle adjustments bottomed out and everytime he fired the reticle would bounce off the scope tube and not realign. With these burris rings the rifle shoots 1/4 moa.
    That made me a believer
    Good Luck!
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    Assuming you went out on Earth Day and cleaned up some of the trash that thrown out everywhere you should have plenty of aluminum cans. Although if you have already recycled them then by now you can easily collect some more the same place you picked up the others. Just take some kitchen shears and cut some shims out of the cans to fit around the screw holes. They will look like small capitol "H"s. It takes about five or six to get you 20 MOA depending on whether you use beer cans or coke cans. You will need to lap the rings then to prevent the rings from bending the scope tube. Perhaps some one near you will have a lapping tool you can borrow. Whether you will need longer screw or not I do not know. When I had to do it I did need them and I went to my local gun shop and they just set two jars of screws on the counter and told me to take what I needed and leave the rest. No charge. If the screws are too long they will hit the bolt.

    Some people like to put some epoxy around the shims to bed them and the base after they have verified that the scope works OK. Be sure to put release agent on the bottom of the base.

    The Burris signature rings with the inserts are faster and cheaper than buying a lapping rod but don't get the river cleaned up. However, bending over and picking up all that trash is really bad on my back. It would be a lot more fun and productive to just shoot the people who litter and then when hunting season rolled around I would have had a lot of practice shooting at moving targets.

    Being as it is a 204 you probably are not going to be doing a lot of dialing, but another option is to purchase a 30 MOA rail and use Burris rings with inserts and then you have a lot of room to play.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    @ Coyoteugly... Hey brother I'm having the same problem on my remington with leupold bases and rings.

    Did you ever find a solution? and if so what was it?

    Thanks for your time
  6. Sully2

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    Feb 28, 2011
    First thing to do is get on the phone to Leupold and make POSITIVE you have the proper rings. Of 5 M700;s I have here ..all with Leupold mounts and rings with one exception ( another brand) Ive never had any such problem.

    And if you are using Leupold mounts you know you CANT switch them...the mount for the rear is totally different because the rear of the receiver is almost FLAT....not round as the fwd part is.