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    which rings needed ??
    Low or Medium ?? I am putting a VX-III 4.5 x 14 x 40mm AO leupold scope with a 1" tube on a Savage Mark II BTVS rimfire rifle. The rifle came with 2 piece 7/8" wide mounts already attached. The rifle has a large heavy barrel. The top of the barrel is level with the top of the receiver out 4 inches beyond where it is screwed into the receiver. This means the objective of the scope when mounted will be positioned over the large portion of the barrel which is level with the top of the receiver. This means the rings wil need to be tall enough to lift the scope enough so the objective will clear the barrel. I don't want the scope any higher than necessary to provide a small amount of clearance between it and the barrell.

    I called Savage Tech support. After the customary wait with a frequently repeated message telling me how important my call was a lady came on the phone with "how may I help you". I told her what I wanted and she said, "that will take a medium or a high I think". I paused a bit and said, "so you say I will need a medium or a high" with emphasis on the or. She then said I would need a high. It was evident I had a warm body from their tech support section who didn't know anything about nor had the initiative to find out about the subject.

    I called Leupold. Fairly promptly a guy came on and said I would need a weaver type low mount and if I would wait a second he would give me the part number. In a few seconds he came back on the line and told me I needed part # 54144.

    I checked the picture of this part in their 2008 booklet and it looks like it will be wide enough to fit the 7/8" wide mounts (most 22s have a 1/2" wide grove)but I can't believe it is going to provide enough height for the objective to clear the barrel.

    Anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions?

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