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    Oct 3, 2013
    I am having some issues getting my rifle dialed in. My setup is a winchester extreme weather 300wsm and Trijicon Accu point 5-20x50 mil dot glass. I am 100% aware that the majority of you all hand load, I load black powder for my shiloh sharps but have not ventured into loading for smokeless rifles. I have also been an archery hunter for the majority of my life. So here is what my problem is. I have been through several factory loads. The HSM 165 bergers sucked! They wouldn't group well at all. Federal trophy bonded 180's were somewhat better. Federal trophy bonded ballitic tip 180's grouped 3 shots in a little less than a nickel at 100yds and I was able to put them dead center into the bullseye after a few adjustments. I then moved the impact up 3"s at 100yds to get a 200yd zero. Moved out to 200yds and I was 8 inches high. So i moved it back to the 100" zero and I was still 5"s high. Is the bullet still rising past 100yds? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am using a caldwell fire control rest, so I am pretty sure that my rest is solid. I do not have issues with recoil or jerking the trigger. I have a hunt coming up and would love to get this rifle ready.

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    The 3" inch high at 100 rule seldom gives a 200 yard zero. You're on paper solidly so zero at 200 yards then check your 100. I believe you'll find it's more like 1.5-2" high. Play with the G7 ballistics calculator at the top of the page, I just plugged in rough numbers of a .5 BC and 3100 fps and it indicates with a 200 zero you'll be 1.1" high at 100. Your inputs may vary, but your targets are telling you what's correct for your rifle. If a 200 yard zero is what you want zero it at 200.


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    Feb 3, 2011
    You are probably closer to a 300yds zero.

    Use a ballistic calculator plugging in as much info as you can come up with getting your drops.

    Then verify it at, at least 3 ranges. I like to go with 200, 400, 600yds.

    Adjust your velocity and or BC in the program until it matches as closely as possible your verified range data.

    Also if you haven't already done so, make sure it is properly floated and bed it solidly before going back to the range. Till you've one that you are just wasting ammo.