Scope for Remington 700 7mm mag

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  1. cmiller36

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    Feb 7, 2009
    Hi everyone,

    I'm still learning about optics so I figured I'd post something here to try and learn more. I'm looking for a scope for Remington 700 7mm mag. Wanting to use it for some long range shooting (up to 1000 yards) and long range hunting if the situation presents itself. Any opinions on things like parallax adjustment knobs, first focal plane and second focal plane, how much elevation adjustment is needed, etc. The more info the better. I'm looking at $1000 as my max price. Thanks all.

  2. woods

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    Jun 4, 2006
    This Kahles is first class with glass as good as my Zeiss scopes

    KAHLES 10342 KX 4-12X50 M-DOT MT : Scopes / Optics at

    parallax adjustment on the side is much easier to use. With the mil-dot you won't have to worry about how much elevation adjusment.

    Or the Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x44 or 50 with the RapidZ 800 reticle


    can be had for $800.00 or so. The Conquests have very clear glass and a side focus.

  3. kiwi3006

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    Aug 1, 2007
    I have a Leupold VXIII 4.5 - 14 x 40 LR (fine plex) on my Rem 700 7mm rem mag.

    From a 100 yd zero with a 162 a-max at 3060 fps it takes about 24 MOA to get to 1000 yds. I use Burris signature rings with the inserts in it, not sure if they are 10 MOA or 20 MOA.

    There is more than enough adjustment in the scope to get to 1000 yds.

    I picked the fine plex as I "click" for all my elevation changes and I didn't want a busy looking field of view. There have been times though when I have been following a moving animal when it might have been nice to have a reticle like the varmint hunter.

    I have found the scope repeatable and accurate. I am constantly changing the elevation and it returns to zero all the time.

    My longest shot to date is 638 yds on a fallow spiker, which was quite a small animal.

    The only thing I would change is get some form of target style elevation and windage knob.