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  1. shummy

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Hi guys,

    I need your advice, I just bought Remington 700 Sendero SF II 300 RUM, I choose this cartbridge for the versatility, I could do Deer hunting with the power level, poer level 2 for Moose, bear... and power level 3 for more challenge with long range shooting. shhoting at 1000 yard would be a very nice accomplishment I want to obtain.

    What is the range(3.5X15x50 or more like 8X32X50) should I choose? Wich brand ?

    but I have some personal rule for everything i buy:

    • I buy once (quality)
    • Versatility
    • Price around 1200 +-150$
    • could be a used in good shape, what do you think of used scope?
    Thank you guys, I hope it's not a question asked 1000 times. :)
  2. MontanaRifleman

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    May 21, 2008
    Welcome Shummy,

    Nope, I have never seen this question. The question is usually which one to pick between the 3.5x15 or 5.5x22. I wrestled with that question and picked the 5.5x22x50. It originally went on a 300 WSM, but is now going on a 300 RUM Sendero.

    If you were using it for target/competiton shooting, then i would say go with the 8x32... but since you are using it for hunting I would definitely say go with the 3.5x15, especially since it sounds like you might be in some tight quarters if you are moose and bear hunting. The 3.5x15 is plenty of scope to get you well past 1000 yds for hunting. Most of the hunting I do is in very open country. If it were in more wooded or brushy area, i would have definitely chose the 3.5x15 over the 5.5x22.

    You will love your NF!

    Good shooting and hunting,