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    I'm completely incompetent when it comes to technology I swear it seams like I'm the only person my age with out Facebook I guess this site is like my Facebook everyone of my mates are on Facebook I'm on this. I don't care for technology I'm learning though it's a vicious struggle, I'm very curious about these computer programs that help sight in your rifles or something iv tried reading in to it but I can't get a straight answer or maybe it's above my feeble technological mind, if someone out there can point me in the right direction on what program i should buy I'd be interested in trying one of these programs out. Do they do wonder and shit cucumbers or are they really not worth trying?
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    LouBoyd has a point but here is some info anyway.

    I assume your referring to ballistic programs. Here is one from Berger Bullets that is a free download.

    Berger Bullets

    Here is the JB ballistic program that is online but free to use. Start with the Trajectory-Simplified.

    JBM - Calculations

    Both of these programs are quite good for calculating hold over or dialing info for long range shooting. Just fool with them you will get it!