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    Oct 26, 2008
    What should I do? I am putting together a new varmint rig it is a 28 " 6mmAI 1-8 to run 105's. I already have a Leupy vari x III 6.5-2050 duplex with a sunshade and stoney point knobs. I intent to shoot a bunch at 800 but will stretch that to 1000+ when the terrain allows. With a 20 MOA base will this be enough scope. The other scope I was looking at was the Bushnell 4200 elite 426245T 6-2450 tactical. whould this work if my leupy wont. Thanks for any advise.
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    Jun 12, 2001
    Question #1

    What velocity do you believe you will get with the 105's? With that information the drop at 1 K can be estimated and one will know how much adjustment you need in the scope.

    Question #2

    Is the Luepy a 1" tube or 30 mm? Either way you should be fine with a 20 MOA rail although it is possible to get into trouble with it and not be able to have enough adjustment for a 100 yard zero. You might wind up having to use a 300 yard zero to stay away from the bottom end of the adjustment if it is a 1 inch tube. Just depends on how flat your receiver is.

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    Mar 11, 2008
    hey, i might be of some assistance, i have the Bushnell 4200 6-24x50 you mentioned on a 20moa base on my Savage .243 win stock barrel. I can shoot 1k with the 105amax going 2700fps at the muzzle and still have about 15moa of adjustment left.... 1/4moa from the bottom of the elevation adjustment range i hit 1.5in high at 100y fine with me because i really am not wasting any elevation adjustment and the scope only has about 45 total. The rings i have are the burris xtreme tactical high rings, which work well very beefy. With a 6ai and 105's going at least 3k fps or something you should be able to get WAY out! I think the scope is fine, great for the money...