Scentblocker and Scentlok liners

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    May 14, 2009
    I have some Scentblocker and Scentlok liners for sale.

    Both items are kept in a Scentblocker bag at all times (only brought out for pics)

    The Scentblocker is the Extreme liner with 100 spf top and bottom. it has only been used 5 times max and washed with Scentblockers own soap for these garments.

    Basically new as I bought it new and wore it on the inside of my hunting clothes.

    The top is xl the bottom is l.


    The Scentlok suit is a bit older and has a tad bit of wear but hardly noticable. it also gets washed in the special soap required for it and includes the top (xl) bottom (xl) and hood (missing the straps) also will include a Scentlok cap with covering built in. this is about 8 yrs old and I bought new at a Cabelas.


    I will sell them both (the whole deal) for $90.00 shipped.