Savage Weather Warrior out of box accuracy

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  1. magedon44

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    Dec 21, 2011
    Hey guys im looking at buying a 300 win or wsm weather warrior. I Do reload and i was wondering if any of you fellas have any experiance with this gun out of the box with no custom work done? im wondering what kind of groups i could get with it with the right load. Id like to have a 700 yd gun for elk and wondering if this gun is able to do that with the right loads. Im left handed so my options on guns are very limited. PM me directly if you may have any load data from this gun, pics or advice, Thanks guys
  2. reelamin

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    Feb 13, 2012

    Every gun is totally different.
    3shot groups at 100yds.
    I have loaded for two of these in 300WSM. Both average right at .75 with hunting bullets such as Ballistic Tips, Accubonds, Partitions, Core Lok, Interbonds, etc. Those are the better averages. Both rifles are shooting .6 with their best loads. One with Accubonds and one with Partitions. Both shot Ballistic Tips the best from load to load...and they were right around .6.