Savage LRH 7 mag or Savage custom?

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    Jul 30, 2009
    I'm looking at ordering a LRH 7mag. My in-laws have an ffl so I get a dang good price on one. But I'm concerned about the barrel length. It says 26" which is the minimum I wanted but apparently thats with the brake and its actually about 24". I'm wanting to shoot 180 bergers but not sure if I'll lose too much velocity with the shorter barrel or if the 9.5 twist will stabilize it. So I'm thinking of building another Savage with a 28" McGowen barrel. I've built several and have all the tools to do so. So my question is should I build for the longer barrel or buy the LRH which has great reviews. Also anyone know the muzzle diameter of the LRH? How's the recoil with the brake? I'll be topping it with a Sightron SIII 6-24x50. I mainly hunt whitetail in north Missouri with lots of long range shot opportunity. I'm planning a mulie/antelope hunt next year too. Also will be used for some long range, 1000 yards or less, Target practice. I used to have a Sendero in 7mag. Recoil was nice and light, accurate and no complaints. But it looks like the savage has better reviews lately and better price.

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