Savage F-Class Rifle Build - Need Advice

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  1. bowhunthard

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    Sep 5, 2008
    I am currently going to build a F-class rifle on a Savage target action. The rifle will be a 6BRnorma. This rifle will be used as a varmint hunting rifle and for F-class.

    What action should I build on, and why? Which Savage target action; a right bolt/left port, or a right bolt/right port? The rifle will be a single shot. I'm looking for maximum stiffness in the action. Is one easier to use than another during a match?

    Does anyone know weight specs for a F-class rifle, or things it cannot have? I was thinking of putting a threaded muzzle break on, but it could be replaced with the cap during matches.

  2. Russ Hatch

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    Aug 23, 2008
    Right handed shooter, right bolt left port works great. You don't have to reach acrossed the gun to load a new round. Really helps if you are trying to get as many shots off as possible before the condition changes. This is for benchrest.

  3. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    If F class, the RB RP You cannot shoot faster than the target puller. So RB LP is meaningless and you have plenty of time.

    30" match grade barrel. Set it up without the nut IMO. Match thick recoil lug

    HV taper to .950 IMO, IF no nut. Otherwise you are stuck to factory breech dimensions.

    IMO I would go with Dasher or BRX also. 3000 fps vs 2850 Read about both on

    Order your own reamer no matter what. .100 freebore for the 105 gr bullets. I suggest Dave Kiff at Pacific Tool and Guage (PTG) $150 plus another $50 for go/no-go guages.

    Go to Harrels for dies IF you go with the standard BR. Cheaper and best. check on BR central for their contact info. They might have Dasher dies also.

    Stock take your pick, but you will be in the Open class so if not a 3" foreend , go to and buy their 3" foreend adapter.
    They also sell a nice super light F class rest.

    Have Fred at SSS true and time your action. In fact call him first. He stocks normally timed and trued target actions for around $500 ready to go, that is the best deal as his wait time to get an action trued is one year now.

    NO muzzle brakes, waste of money in the 6br family and you cannot use them in fclass.

    Weight limit is 22 lbs limit.

    Go with a 20 MOA tapered base. Farrel or burris dovetail and Burris signature rings with 20 MOA inserts.

    Sightron 8-32x scope for best deal money wise ($800). Buy a Bulls Eyze 3x screw in booster $125 or the NF BR (not NXS) model 12-42X

    RL15 or Varget powder, CCI 450 primers, either berger 108 or 108 and 105 AMAX.

    Good shooting.