Savage Axis Groups

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    Dec 27, 2009
    Took out my savage axis in 223 this afternoon and was testing some new loads. I went to a local farmers field (with permission) and shot 5 different loads. I had been shooting the 70g Bergers however in the last match i used this in it just did not seem like the groups were very good until it got to 300 yards. I have herd of that before but i have never experienced it before then. Anyway i got some 55g Nosler Varmagedon hollow point bullets and here is how they shot at 180 yards. I was pretty happy with the results. I was really surprised with how the point of impact was pretty much the same for all loads tested. I was using AR Comp powder. The last group at the bottom was actually .3 grains over the recommended max so i am not surprised it opened up. The 25.3 only had spread of 3fps, 3267, 3268, & 3270. Not too shabby I don't think.

    groups with measurements