Savage action inside diameter?

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    Oct 5, 2012
    I'm looking to upgrade my bolt body but I don't want to have to ream my action for it to fit. What size bolt body can my factory action accept? The factory bolts measure about 0.696" (without it in front of me now). It's a pretty tight fit, but was wandering what my limit is. Thanks for any info.
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    Without modifying the action itself, you're looking at the same size as the factory bolt body you currently run or not much bigger. I know there are a couple of companies out there that make aftermarket bolt bodies, perhaps a call to one or any of them would help?!?

    Sharp Shooter Supply comes to mind first off, but haven't heard good things about being able to get a hold of them very easily.

    PTG makes replacement bolt bodies that you can order from Midway and probably a couple of other vendors as well.

    PTG Bolt Body Savage 10 Short Action Spiral Fluted

    The link above is a spiral fluted bolt body for a short action Savage, that states it is a better fit than a factory and may clean up any play that your current factory bolt body displays.

    Hope I helped and good shooting!

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    Savage factory bolts bodies are .693" under the rear baffle, at the bolt head end they are .696".

    Dave Kiff at PT&G makes custom bolt bodies and bolt heads. The bolt bodies are made just a little long and have to be custom fitted to each individual action, ie; adjusting the primary extraction). This requires carbide tooling or grinding as they are too hard for HSS or cobalt tooling. The bolt heads are precision ground and individually made (length) for different size bolt face. Bolt heads are ordered with the desired firing pin hole diameter.

    Savage bolt races vary in ID .7015" to .7045 from front to rear. The CNC actions have tighter tolerances. The variances are due to heat treatment warping. They can be reamed with a bolt race reamer to a tighter spec.

    PT&G makes their bolt bodies to the customers spec. as they are precision ground. They can be ordered round or fluted.

    There is a significant difference in performance between the factory OEM parts and the PT&G aftermarket parts.

    Bolt lift kits can reduce bolt lift 40-60 percent. There are several types out there. Some are better than others and offer additional benefits.

    Do your homework before you spend your money.
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    I have bought the PTG bolt body and head and replaced all my bolts with these. The body helps take up the play in the raceway for a tighter fit the head has tighter tolerances and you MAY have to adjust you firing pin protrusion. Probably would be better to send in your action and have someone make you a bolt (like PTG) if they will do that.