Savage 7mm LRH

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    Aug 4, 2013
    Well I've developed my dummy rounds for the 168gr berger vld. starting on the lans (3.441 COAL) all the way to .150 (3.290 COAL) off, which is bergers recommended COAl per their book. I've got an overall length gauge coming as I don't think measuring off the tips is the way to go with these bullets. So my next step is...?

    I will be using one of hogdons extreme powders and federal 215 primers if I can find any.

    I'm wondering what my next step is do I need to work up a load for pressure first? If so should I seat the bullet on the lans or should I use berger's COAL recommendation in the manual which is giving me .151 jump?

    If I seat this bullet long on the lans at 3.441 COAL should I look at a powder that is giving me a higher fill ratio 100% +\-?

    I can't seem to find any loading information or experiences with the savage really surprised how long the throat is.

    I'm just starting with all of this reloading business, done a lot of reading so if any of this information is confusing or wrong I need to be set straight please do so any info is appreciated

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