Savage 12 ejection problems 22-250

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    Mar 11, 2007
    Hello everyone
    I thought I'd give this issue some more thought... in 2009 I purchased a 12 left hand w/ the cheap plastic stock. I was having accuracy and ejection troubles with it. Sent it in to savage and they rebarreled it and said they had no issues w/ ejection.

    the result was the same inaccuracy and ejection... I still have about 1/3 to 1/5 rounds fail to eject. they seem to slip out of the bolt face just a little too soon and end up laying loose in the chamber. Not a big deal if you want to shoot shingle shot.

    I suspected bad brass from reloading, but it does the same thing w/ factory ammo. I have replaced the ejector plunger and spring... no luck.

    I am considering rebarreling the rig but don't want to stick that $$ into it unless I can get it to work properly.

    any thoughts?
    accuracy issue is that I can't get better than .75 -1.0 MOA out of it.