savage 116 stainless fluttes

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    Feb 1, 2008
    I have a savage 116 stainless flutted 6.5x284 norma. I would like to put one of the shilen barrels on it but its only a 22 inch barrel. I think the accura stock that is on my gun would hold one of the heavy sportting barrels. My current barrel is larger than the smaller sporting model.

    Dimensions (inches)Contour #ABCS3, Savage Sporter*1.060.58522S4, Savage Heavy Sporter1.060.68526S7, Savage Varmint1.060.80026S8, Savage Bull Barrel1.0601.0026

    Any one know or have any susgestions or have done this before. My gun is new but I am saving for the barrel now. Thanks.....gun)