Savage 110 DL Series H

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    Apr 16, 2012

    Shot my Savage 110 DL Series H 300 Win Mag this past weekend. Big surprise, at 200yards the factory barrel zeroed right up. I took a dollar bill when I first received it and had snug clearance right up to the receiver. I plan to build this rifle for long range hunting but decided to start slowly and had a few questions.

    1. Can a muzzel break be placed on the factory barrel?
    2. The magazine is top load, can the factory stock be modified for a magazine?
    3. Which after market stock would be best for a factory barrel.
    4. The factory triger is about 5 pounds with some take up, would installing the Basic Trigger SR2 really improve the triger pull and break?
    5. Can the factory stock be addapted to receove a Bi-Pod?

    Thank you all in advace for your input.

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