Sako TRG-S Parts FS or Trade....

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    May 7, 2003
    Sako TRG-S Parts FS or Trade....

    If you own one of these outstanding rifles, but wish your Standard Magnum was compatible with the Super Magnums like .338 Lapua and .30-378, 338-378, 378 Weatherby; then consider what I'm offering:

    TRG-S (M995) Super Magnum Bolt Body,
    Like New & hardly fired. Setup for .378Wby ctgs, but just change the extractor and you are setup for .338 Lapua ctgs. This is a BOLT BODY only, no firing pin assy, no handle. This IS Everything you need, (besides a new barrel) to convert your TRG-S. Price is $275 plus shipping or $100 plus your excellent condition std mag bolt.

    .30-378 28" Sako Factory barrel with integral muzzlebrake, fired 30 times, like new. Barely smudged from removal from action. $265 plus shipping

    Super Magnum magazine, holds 2 rds; as new $65.

    If you ever wanted to do a Super Magnum switch-barrel rifle; this is the way to go! Change extractors and in 2 mins you can be shooting .338 Lapua or .30-378 which is the fastest .30cal magnum going! Brass is readily available at your local sportsman's wh or gunshop. Manners and McMillan can build you a stock for this action, if you don't mind the wait. I have decided to go another way and build something else. My loss your gain.

    Please email if you want to see pix or want to talk trades.
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    Mag interest

    Sent you PM

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Is this still available? I have a M995 in 30-378. I have a Sako factory 338 Lapua barrel. I am new to the gun world, have few rifles and shotguns, but do not work on them. what do i need?
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    Dec 9, 2010
    I am interested in your bolt body and extractor if you have them left. I have a 338 Win Mag, never fired bolt body and extractor to trade.