sako l579 and l61

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  1. okgobbler

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    Jan 6, 2009
    Anybody have any experience with these pre-'70 sako's? Accuracy

    There are some new barreled actions for sale in my area.

    What are the barreled actions worth?

    Does anybody make an affordable aftermarket stock (<$200)?
  2. ejg

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    Aug 18, 2008
    My father bought a used 308 L579 in the early seventies. Damn thing never really shot well. She had a track record of winging kudu, bushbuck and what have you. I got ahold of it about six years ago and couldn't get it to shoot well, cold or barrel warm barrel. Clean barrel would not even hit paper at 100yds but grouped almost 1" when warm and dirty.
    Had Roedale Precision in Germany put a 1in10 Lothar Walther Match barrel on. Slightly heavier profile (heavy magnum sporter 22") Now she shoots nails.
    I can really recomend the action, not too heavy.
    I have a sako laminated stock which I tossed into the corner because it's fairly heavy. Then had another look at the original walnut and did a little job to it.
    Widened the channel to take the barrel, had to widen the outside to and used straight carbon rovings. Perforated the stock to get weight out, fitted the uncomfortable grip area to my hand and added a "kaiser grip"
    Fitted pillars, reinforced the inside of the action area with carbon and stiffened forend. Bedded action and drop plate, and covered outside with twill woven carbon. voila, stiff as hell, although a bit crude looking.
    She groups well under 1/2" and is very consistent. The best thing about her is point of inpact is always the same, summer winter rain.... always.
    Head shot a Sika doe this year at a bit over 360yds. (We often have deer just peeking out the gorse.)
    Good trigger, still got the original, tuned to about 800 grams.



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  3. gatman

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    May 1, 2009
    ---- -------------------------------------------------------- Hey I have a beautiful curly maple stock for a L579 sako action I would really like to get an action for it but very hard to find so if you ve found them I would say if the price is right buy them how much are the 579s and how many do they have I really need one .
  4. eric2381

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    Feb 27, 2009
    I have a Sako L579 in 308 Win. It is a lightweight rifle that shoots real well. I haven't shot it much, but the test loads I shot in it shot under 1/2", no joke. I might carry it this fall because it's so light and handy.