Sako A7 in 300WSM

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  1. GRiNGo

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    Dec 30, 2008
    Hi, I just purchased a new stainless A7 in 300wsm. I was trying to get the accubonds to shoot well in it but can't seem to get consistent decent groups with 150, 165, or 180gr bullets with RL-17, RL-19 or H4350. I did get some good groups with 150 TSX and RL-15. What would be a good hunting bullet out to say 500 yards?

    My understanding is that the Berger bullets are better at long range so I may not be there yet, but will likely buy some anyway to play with.

    I would like to slowly start streatching my legs as I have been an avid hunter for about 20years. I have only been reloading for about 2 years but have made sucessful loads my 204, 260 and others. I measure all loads to 2 decimal places.

    Oh I generally hunt whitetail and moose, I live in northern Ssakatchewan.

    Thanks for any info for loads,

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  2. federicogorio

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    Jul 18, 2010
    I usually get 0.3-0.4 MOA with 3 shots at 109 yards with this load:

    norma brass
    hornady amax 178 gr
    71,5 gr of vihtavuori n560
    federal 215 gold medal match
    free boring given by max cartridge lenght to fit in the magazine (ca. 0,125 inch)
    speed is around 3000 fps and pressure near maximum

    rifle is similar to yours, is a sako 75s/s in 300wsm with no bedding, just lock the action screws at about 40 inch/lbs torque

  3. Rev.

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    Aug 4, 2010
    I've been having a blast with this load in my 300WSM M70SS & I'm getting 3/8'' at 100 with a stock gun for now.

    IMR4350= 67gr
    Fed. 215M
    WW Brass
    col 2.940''