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    Mar 5, 2006
    I have been meaning to post this for a while, and hadn't time. This happened to someone I know and delivered packages to on my ups rt.

    The facts might be little bit off , I'm scared to ask at this time because I don't want to upset someone.

    Grandfather, and grandson out shooting his red rider bb gun. He was burning a brush pile to, and decided they would walk down, and check on the burning process. The 7 year old leaned his bb gun against the house, and the went to check on the brush pile.

    Meantime his 4 yr brother, and 2 yr sister come outside, and the 4 yr picks up bb gun. Somehow gun discharges, and hits 2 yr girl in chest. The bb penetrated into here heart, and she died in rt. to hospital.

    I don't like stories like this, but feel like they should be told to remind us of safety! Even if it's a red rider bb gun. It will do more than put your eye out! It can KILL you!