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  1. geneinnc

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    Nov 29, 2007
    I have never seen a freebie board.
    Is it proper to provide a freebie before you ask for one?

    I'm just now digging out my barn of a years worth of junk. Is there a minimum or maximum price range on what is free?

    Does the donor pay shipping?

    I have tons of once fired Black Remington 12 ga hulls. They are the old model that doesn't rust, and they load better than SST or Double AA. I also have 20 ga hulls. Thats not worth much money wise, but a new reloader would appreciate them. Maybe put a FTF stipulation on something so expensive to ship.

    Theres a $50 Bushnell 4 power scope that was on my dad's Black Powder gun. It worked great. It was made in the early 90's. It has a nice gloss finish. I don't think it's rim fire parallax, but it's still clear. Would be perfect on a 22 plinker, 30-30 etc.

    If you guys could give me an idea on the above or any other board etiquette let me know.

    I'm sure I will come up with a lots of odds and ends off the loading wall.

    Thanks for looking.

    I'm in Hickory, NC
  2. Buffalobob

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    Jun 12, 2001
    The etiquette is that things are free or for trade. No money allowed except perhaps for shipping.

    If there are things that you need or would like to have, then list out the stuff you might trade for such as brass, bullets, flyline or pecan pie.

  3. Dave King

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    May 3, 2001

    I'm probably more at fault than anyone for this section of the board so I'll give a few quotes from the thread that started this section.

    Here's the first post from the thread that started this:

    "Len, others

    How about Trade, Freebee and Loan forum??

    A strickly Trade and Gifting place, no money allowed. Maybe Loaner stuff too, for the folks to try something new, different or just to use if money is short??

    I have a ton of stuff that I could stick up and with trades and especially gifts there's less bickering I believe...

    With a caveat that, abusing the good nature of folks will cause bad karma or something (because there are folks that will abuse a gift system and take to selling them strickly as a money making venture... poor upbringing as I see it)."

    Len's initial reply to me:

    "You are so demanding!

    OK...:) I'll set it up but it deserves a description done by you."

    Then my the description and more "rules" of a sort:

    I've always been high maintenance, its my nature, I do it to fill the nurture need of some folks (makes them feel better I guess).

    I'll try to come up with something as a description... Mostly I'm worried about the freeloaders and grifters and such (its their nature and as such we can't fault them directly though we could fault society as a whole for the lack of proper tolerance and sensitivity for those that fill that particular niche).

    How about:

    "Trade, Borrow, Loan or Gift (not a good name for a law office I'd say). Make your wife happy, move your junk and/or trinkets to someone else's house. Danger: Money and Freeloaders will not be tolerated!!" "

    Here are a few items I posted when I started, the might give a flavor for how I persoanlly think it should be (good or bad).

    "I'll start a thread for each item I list, they'll all start as free items (Gifts) but I will entertain a return gift if the other party (that'd be YOU) feels obligated by regional social norms or generous or whatever.

    If more that one person would desire the item I will entertain making a choice as to the new owner based on some criteria as yet undetermined.

    I reserve the right to withdraw an item for any reason (bickering would be one reason).

    I will present the item as best I understand it, I will list faults that I know (and recall). If the item is dangerous (could put an eye out or something without special instructions) I may limit its demise to someone I know and trust.

    I assume the new user will use the item as designed and intended and for lawful purposes. If the new user in injured with the item I will be forced to believe it was due to negligence, willful ignorance or stupidity (or any combination of two or in extreme cases all three)."

    The 'rules' are pretty simple and much like BuffaloBob stares:

    No money.

    Trades of fine.

    Shipping details and costs were not stated so I guess they're still an open item, if they're reasonable.

    It'd be a real good idea to clearly state the desired disposal method, "Free", "Trade", "Loaner", etc.

    Freeloading or abusing the good will of other will be cause for public abuse and banishment to the Buy, Sell only area.

    Note: These are not real/formal Long Range Hunting board rules, just my thoughts, personal integrity is important and usually can't be regained once lost.
  4. EddieHarren

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    Nov 27, 2005

    And remeber, Dave, if you can't give it away, you can just set it on the big bench in my shop. Ed