Ruger or savage short action

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  1. Travis Krajnik

    Travis Krajnik Member

    Jan 12, 2013
    Looking into building a 6.5 creedmoor in either a ruger m77 mark II target or a savage 10/110 varmint max 1. Just wondering which of these two has the longer magazine/clip so that I could get the most C.O.L. If need be to get closest to the lands of my barrel using 140 gr Berger VLD's. Dont want to be hinderd by the length of the magazine/clip.
  2. Joe King

    Joe King Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2012
    Having just got done replacing the stocks on my 7mag (Ruger m77) and my 22-250 (savage 110) pillar bedding both. I'm going to say go with the savage, the angled front bolt is kind of a pia on the Ruger to pillar bed. Maybe somebody out there knows a better way but I looked at it from every direction I could think of and couldn't find a way around having to bed the Ruger in 2 steps, where the savage, like most everything else is pretty strait forward and done in 1 step. That is the only thing I can find to complain about with the Ruger action though, aside from that 1 issue I do like it a little better mostly for ascetic reasons.:)