Ruger No 1 B 130- serial#

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    Jan 5, 2014
    New member here> hi from near North Platte NE<.
    Have finally retreived handloading equipment from my last days of loading 6mm in 1989. (i sold out to live in an RV)

    I am nowusing a single stage press by LACHMILLER. (it previoulsly loaded 10ga.)

    Have had some trouble getting the RCBS HAND PRIMER to function, as my shell holder kit has not enough champher to sit on the plastic post, I THINK!lightbulb.

    SO,.. found out the beautiful No1 in 6mm likes to shoot the 65gr. V-MAX with 43 gr VARGET. (mush better than 70 gr. NOS varmint bullet)

    Taking out my 11 year old son togun) call coyotes. Last week we shot one (set a new record for amount of ~MANGE~ iiicckkinly ugly!!) shot at 17 steps. Set-up location was at the corner post of a hale bale yard. Time was 3 1/2 minutes.

    I am wonder about a clamp on brake for the Ruger No 1? Comments anyone??see ya when back from this morning outing! Later, friends.,rw6mm