Ruger Mark II M77 All-Weather Rifle in 7mmRM. Perfect Shape. CHEAP!

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    Apr 5, 2004
    I've had this rifle for about 4 years, and have only taken in out in the woods two times. You can see from the pics that it's extremely clean. I'm wanting to sell it so I can get something for the shooting range that has a little less kick to it. I had a Pachmyr recoil pad put on it, had the barrel free-floated, and also had a trigger job done on it (it's at 4lbs.). The scope is a MagIV 6-24x40 Target's nothing special, but it gets the job done. Just the rifle retails for around $700. The Harris Bi-pod & sling does not come with the rifle.

    If you're looking to pick up a great hunting rifle that is large enough for big game (elk), this is a killer deal. 7mmRM will take down just about anything.

    $450 for everything (Rifle, Scope, Case)


    M77® Mark II All-Weather® bolt action rifles are designed to withstand the harshest hunting and sporting environments and feature:

    ** Stainless steel components and rugged, impact-resistant synthetic stocks to resist the elements.

    ** One-piece bolt that has proven to be one of the strongest on the market, standing up over the years to such magnum cartridges as the .375 H&H, .416 Rigby, and .458 Lott.

    ** Non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled-feed extractor, the most positive case extraction system ever invented, and a fixed blade-type ejector that positively ejects the empty cases as the bolt is moved fully rearward.

    ** Patented floorplate latch, mounted flush with the front of the trigger guard, that secures the hinged floorplate against accidental dumping of cartridges, yet allows quick unloading of the magazine by simply pressing from the outside of the guard.

    ** Patented integral scope rings that attach directly to the receiver's precision-machined mounting surfaces, eliminating a potential source of looseness and inaccuracy in the field (included at no extra cost).

    ** Easily accessible three-position safety that allows the shooter to lock the bolt, or to load and unload with the safety engaged.

    *** HERE ARE SOME PICS****




    $450 for the Rifle, Scope, & Case

    E-mail me with any questions you have. This rifle is about as close to brand new condition as you can get.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    24 or 26in barrel?and how did it shoot with what load?

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    Jul 3, 2005
    what state do you live in .

    Is that your lowest Price ?