Ruger M77 Tang Safety - Barreled Action

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  1. 300winnie

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    May 18, 2005
    I have a Ruger M77 old style (Tang Safety)barreled action. It is a magnum action with a Ruger factory barrel installed. It has been chambered to .30-.338 Winchester Magnum. It appears that the barrel that is installed must have started its life as a 30-06 as it is the standard 22" in length.

    I am at a crossroads with it at this point. To keep it for myself I will need to get a stock and scope and do the appropriate bedding and load workup and see if it will shoot a decent group.

    The other road I could take is to sell of the barreled action and figure out somewhere else to use the money.

    What am I looking at value wise on an action like this?

  2. AZShooter

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    Dec 12, 2005
    No stock? Most stocked tang safeties I have seen in Tucson run around $350 minimum. I'd guess maybe $300-325 tops without a stock.

    You realize if it was a 30-06 first that someone opened up the bolt face to accomodate the magnum 30-338?

    You can always get a McMillan stock for it. I am very fond of the hunter stock.

    If it won't shoot there is a inexpensive alternative to a custom barrel replacement. Remington takeoffs are fairly common. The newer SPS type mag barrels are 26" long and not tapped for iron sights. Blued versions only cost $50 or so. The threads per inch is the same as the Ruger but the OD has to be reduced .100". I have had the following rem takeoffs set in Rugers: 30-338, 338 win mag, 375 taylor, 284 win and 7 rem mag. The gunsmith charges me around $115 to install. Cheap entertainment. Rem barrels shoot quite well.

    fix it or dump it.... a classic decision whether it is firearms or vehicles.