Ruger bedding pillars , for Ruger 77MK-II

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  1. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    So far I have used the precut pillars from Brownells on two rifles and both times I had great results.
    These pillars are precut to fit the Ruger's screwy angled front screw lug. After a little bit of minor hand fitting with a small file to ensure better contact with the reciever the pillars were installed just like you would regular Rem 700 pillars. The trick is to get the front screw hole drilled out to the proper size at the proper angle , this was a simple task with the Bridgeport but I tried it with a hand drill the second time to see if the average guy at home could do it and the result was again pretty easy and a good job.
    On both installations the pillars required a little bit of shortening so the bottom metal would fit correctly , this is easly done by hand with a 9/16" counter bore (which is the same thing I used to bore the holes for the pillars)
    As with all guns I pillar bed I also glass bed them after the pillars have set.
    On both guns , the triggers were replaced with the Timney adjustable trigger kit (also from Brownells), the barrels were cleaned realy well and free floated and the actions pillar and glass bedded. Both guns saw about the same improvement in accuracy with was about 20% range.

    Brownells part numbers for the above mentioned parts

    Timney trigger kit # 883-600-772 retail price is $98.75

    Bedding pillars # 080-000-007 retail price is $12.25
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    Apr 21, 2003
    Did you happen to keep a photo journal of the process? Thanks for the info.

    PS: Our local marine supply store stocks most of the Marine Tex line. I like and use the gray epoxy myself. 4 Bedding jobs so far and I haven't even made a dent in it. I could send you a new box if you need it. It's around $35 last time I bought some. I believe Brownells stocks it as well.