RL-33 in a new 300 RUM

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    Jan 29, 2013
    This morning I finally got the Savage M114 to the range. I never shot it with the original 270 Win 22” peashooter barrel. Now it has a generic factory 6 groove, 26 inch 300 RUM varmit contour stainless barrel that I bought off Numrich’s site for $89. I also added a 4 port Muscle break. I’m getting it ready for the new 210 grain 0.743 BC Accubond LR bullets. The closest thing I’ve got to those are 200 grain Accubonds (and a jug of RL-33) which is what I used for the shots below.

    The first 2 shots were at a 50 yard target just to get it zeroed good enough to shoot the 200 yard target over the chrono. The 3rd shot was at 200 yards but about 4” low and right. I zeroed the scope and then put 5 in a group that measured 1.781”. This barrel has not been broken in so velocities were still jumping around for shots 3 and 4 but then it “settled in”. The last four had an ES of 18 fps and went into 1.437”. After the first two shots, the barrel started to warm up but I never let it get warmer than warm. The velocities corrected back to the muzzle were:

    1 = ?????
    2 = ?????
    3 = 3,214
    4 = 3,250
    5 = 3,191
    6 = 3,180
    7 = 3,173
    8 = 3,173

    Average velocity was 3,197 fps but the average of the last 4 was 3,179 fps which is probably more indicative of what I’ll get in the future.

    This was shot with new Remington brass, COAL = 3.800”, 0.020” jump, Federal 215 primers, 98.0 grains of RL-33, 0.002” neck tension. According to QuickLoad the case was 90% full and the pressure averaged 63,206 psi which looks to be about right judging from the pressure signs (there weren’t any) and the fact that the primers are flattened just about like they should at that pressure.

    I’m figuring that I can work the 200 yard group size down closer to an inch or so with a little tweaking which isn’t too bad for what is basically a factory rifle. The only changes to the rifle was cutting off the stock and adding a Limbsaver recoil pad (not really needed) but this allowed me to set the pull length to my standard. I also hogged out the barrel channel to fit the varmit contour and installed a competition recoil lug which I epoxy bedded. The Accutrigger was set to minimum. The stock already had steel pillars. The full up rifle with scope weighs in at 11.5 pounds.

    I was able to find very little data on RL-33 which is why I'm posting this so now there is a little more data.
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    Oct 4, 2012
    Thanks for the info. This is a powder I've considered for my RUMs, so this helps me directly.

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    Dec 12, 2005
    Sounds like you are getting close. I think you will see even better performance with the heavier 210 gr bullet. My impression with RL-33 is that it works best with the heaviest for caliber bullets. I have my doubts as to Nosler's advertized BCs. If you become disillusioned you can always "fall back" to the heavy Bergers.

    I tried RL-33 in several rifles including a 300 RUM last year, posted it here. Used the 230 gr target hybrid in the 300 RUM. Worked up to 102 gr of powder which showed beginnings of pressure. Backed down to 100 gr. Vel was 2975 fps. Now for kicker...used a 24" 300 win mag rem takeoff rechambered to 300 RUM.

    I am now using RL-33 in four rifles. Just bought another 8 lb container at Grafs which is out of stock already. (Just checked Sat 3-9 at 4:30 am mt time) They do have some 1 lb cans. Other rifles:
    257 weatherby 110 accubond, 6mm-284 105 berger hybrid, 7mm/375 Ruger 180 VLD.
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    Jan 20, 2005
    I have had a couple pounds of RL33 ordered from grafs now for 6 weeks and still havent seen it !
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    Jan 29, 2013

    I used your data to figure out a start load where I wouldn’t blow primers or worse. Thanks for posting the info. That is pretty amazing performance out of a 24 inch barrel.

    I don’t figure the Nosler BCs will hold up either but I’m after that 1,300 fps min terminal velocity. That stretches effective range way way out there, on the order of 1,800 yards which is about all my Leica 1600 can range or I’d even think about shooting.