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  1. justgoharder

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    Sep 17, 2005
    I just ordered my new Nightforce 3.5-15x50 NPR1
    Can't wait for it to get here!

    How about some recommendations for rings and a base so i can lock this thing onto my rem 700. I'm shooting a 300RUM with 200grn accubonds over 91grn of H1000. I only feel comfortable shooting out to 1000yards so i don't think I'll need a 10 or 20 MOA base, but maybe I should buy it now so that when my personal range moves out I won't have to buy it then...

    thanks in advance!
  2. Alucard

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    Mar 15, 2005
    Near rings and bases are about the best in terms of quality. More money then others, but are well worth it.

    Another good choice would be Seekins Percision rings. They are aluminum rings, so light weight if weight is a concern. I have heard good things about these. Never tried em myself, so can't say one way or another. Not sure if he makes bases or not.

    I have used many different Ken Farrel 1 piece bases and like them. Not true Mil spec, but work well enough for me. They are a weaver style base so you will need weaver rings.

    Cheaper but great rings are the Burris Signature rings - the ones with the plastic inserts. The inserts allow for additional MOA to be added without changing the base. I have used these on a 300 RUM and they held very well.

    I have recently purchased a set of TPS rings. (Tactical Percision Shooting) They are the tactical version. I think they have a hunting version, but not sure. These things are SOLID and HEAVY! They are supposed to eliminate scope cant when tightening the rings up. They are also supposed to hold well due to about a 98% scopr/ring contact surface. Is this true or not, I do not know. I look forward to trying them out. I just have them mounted so far, so no comment on performace as of yet. TPS also makes tactical style bases as well.

    Warne rings and bases are good as well. Only used a couple sets of 2 peice rings, I liked them from the little bit I used them.

    Nightforce also makes rings and bases. There is also the Badger Ordinance option, but to much money for me.

    I would heavily recommend Weaver style rings instead of the double dove tail ones.

    Personally I would go with the TPS rings ( I like the look of the tactical ring they make ). The Burris Signature are another great choice if you are on a tighter buget - about half the cost. The TPS website is http://www.tacticalprecision.com/

    I like the look of one piece tactical style bases, so I would recommend those. I would say either the Ken Farrel or the TPS base. I was thinking about trying one of the TPS bases for my remingtons, but they all have Ken farrel bases currently.

    These are just my opinions of course. :) Ultimately it will depend on your budget.

  3. FRANK21

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    Jan 16, 2004
    Badger Ordnanace

    Get the 20MOA rail.
  4. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    I use Near or Farrel for bases and I use the Burris Signature Zee Rings whether it be for 1" or 30mm scopes. I use them with 308 class cartridges to the 7.82 Patriot & 7mm Dakota with no slippage or problems.
    I have been told the shear force with handgun recoil is greater than in a rifle, and even with that no problems. The plus is you can build or take minutes out of your rings with these.
  5. Chrismadrid

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    May 28, 2005
    I've tried & use both TPS (Steel Tactical) in 34mm and Seekins (6 screw) in 35mm. Would be happy with either.

    The Seekins rings have a feature you either like or dont. I DO. They offer a version without that BIG nut on the side. Glen (Seekins) also does rails - and offers various MOA versions.

    I think on balance I'd have more Seekins as first choice. http://www.seekinsprecision.com/products.asp T7075 Ali is good and hard. More than enough. - And call them - web-building is not their strongpoint - it lacks info
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