Ring height for Nightforce and DPMS

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Need input on what rings and size/height to mount a NightForce with 56mm objective on a DPMS Panther LR-308B. Was thinking high Badger Ord. Thoughts??
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    Oct 15, 2007
    Picatinny/Weaver ring heights are usually measured from the top surface of the rail to the bottom of the scope tube. Check the ring manufacturer's literature to be sure.

    The scope tube diameter where the rings mount matters.
    The stock you choose matters, particularly how you prefer the "cheek weld"
    The shape of your face matters. The spacing from your cheek to the center of your eye when you have a comfortable and stable hold has a considerable variation over the populace. Some stocks have adjustable cheek pieces.
    Your shooting style matters. Shooting prone vs shooting offhand may require some adjustment for a comfortable and stable hold.

    No one on the web can give the correct answer for YOU. Many can guess or tell you what they use.

    The objective and eyepiece area of the scope does not matter as long as it has clearance.
    For that the handguard you choose and the stock that you choose may matter. I've not found interference with any scopes I've used, but the scope's eyepiece can make it difficult to operate the standard charging handle.

    I usually use Warne "Ultra High" Maxima rings on my DPMS LR series rifles (and most AR-15s) . I've also used this Nightforce combined ring and 20 MOA rail on a DPMS 6.5 Creedmoor wiith a Horus Falcon scope with an H37 Reticle with a Magpul PRS stock.

    Nightforce Ultralite Unimount Picatinny-Style 20 MOA Elevated with Integral 30mm Rings Matte Extra-High - MidwayUSA

    I've also used this 20MOA adapter to allow other rings and scopes to work at extended ranges.

    EGW 1-Piece Picatinny-Style 20 MOA Elevated 3" Extended Riser Mount AR-15 Flattop Matte - MidwayUSA
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