Riflestock Blowouts - OEM Remington 700 CDL (BDL SPS) w/R3 Pads $88.88

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    Apr 7, 2009
    These are Remington 700 CDL factory blems, made by Boyds' for Remington ready to bolt on and go shooting. R3 Pads are installed, embossed with Remington logos. For eighty-eight bucks they are an absolute steal, we'll even throw in a pair of studs because we need the room for incoming shipments.

    (In case you didn't know Big Green sends many of their stocks back for various reasons.)

    They come either laser checkered or non-checkered, over 100 on hand. Here's what we have observed on the couple dozen or so we have inspected:

    Minor cosmetic issues with the finish:
    Handling marks, small imperfections, dull spots, etc. may present;
    Pads may not be perfectly fit to factory specifications.

    Laser Checkered Stocks:
    Checkering panels may be off-center;
    Borders may not be properly cut;
    Checkering diamonds may not be completely pointed.

    These stocks retail for $267 at the factory I believe. Sometimes guys email us back after getting one asking us where the blemish is, other times it is more noticible, but it is cosmetic, nothing to affect it's use.

    All the wood is about the same, believe me I've looked: nice dark, straight grain california claro walnut. You've seen them on dealers shelves I'm sure.

    Long action only, both magnum and standard barrel channels are available.

    Follow the link below for complete description with pics and enter promotion code "LRHCDL" at checkout to get the special LRH member price.

    Remington 700 CDL Blowout - Long Action Standard & Magnum fits BDL CDL SPS Classic Riflestock Dark Claro Walnut

    Thanks! Don