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    Sep 16, 2007
    Ruger #1 Custom 6mmBR by Pac-Nor 8 twist, 26" bbl (1V contour 3 groove), all work done by Pac-Nor, Kepplinger set trigger, no neck turn min spec saami reamer/chamber.

    Gun has shot 3 shots .498 group at 330 yds with 105 amax and 14x scope. Consistently very accurate rifle. Comes with rings, original 1A barrel (243-test fired only) and forend.

    Fired approx. 300-400 rounds, LOTS of shooting in this gun!

    Selling to finance new project. $1100 shipped to FFL CONUS

    Remington model 7 stainless action in 7mm Benchrest tight min spec saami chamber-no neck turn needed, Pac-Nor built very accurate, RCBS dies, brass, and Leupold R&B Has a 21" 3 groove barrel 9 twist .700 OD at muzzle, feeds all five from mag slick as glass, stock is deluxe model checkered/schable forend with pillar bedding done at Pac-Nor. Shoots 120gr at 2878 fps. Gun very accurate, often shooting under .5 moa.

    $ 950 Shipped to CONUS FFL