Rifle cleaning regimen newbie needs help

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    Jan 7, 2008
    I have been trying to find a good cleaning regimen.I have a boresnake I use with coppersolvent before the bristle and clp a little bit after I use every 50 shots or so.The rifle ios a .223 savage 12 fv.I also have a carbon fiber rod/nylon brush set.I figure every 200 rounds I will give it a good clean any suggestions should I just use a little clp then scrub it 6-7 times with the brush followed by two passes with a soaked copper solvent then wait 20 mins and patch clean .Finally applying a little clp and patching clean again .The gun is my first bench rest usually I shoot a 7rm for deer season and a cheap rimfire.:(
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    Oct 4, 2006

    You will get 50 different opinions on this subject.
    Wow where it begin...
    First, did you break in the barrel?
    For a 223 I clean after a rang secision or when I see accuracy drop off. For some guns that might be 20 rounds or 50 rounds.

    Bore Snake--they look like they clean but what i have found is they are less than great.
    This is just my opinion and dose not mean that it is correct!
    Method One:
    When cleaning--I start with something like Butches bore shine or 50BMG. This stuff attacks copper and carbon. You need to get rid of both. I will put two or three saoked patched thorugh and let sit 15 min. Then patch dry. If I get heavey blue patches I might do this a couple times, tell the patches come out clean after a 15 min soak. I then run somehting down the barrel to nutralize the solvent--Alchol. Then i will put a Kroil patch down the bore followed by a clean patch.
    Get your self some WIPE out and Wipe out accelerator. I run two or three patches of Wipe out accelerator down the bore and then SPray the Wipe out in and let sit 30min to an hour. The patche comes out blue and balck. I will out 5 clean patches down the bore and then re-apply the same steps. I will do this tell the first patch after the wipeout comes out clean.

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    Feb 25, 2008
    If you are target shooting for groups,I would clean after each group.If you are varmint shooting,I would clean after 20 shots.If you are general hunting,I would clean after any shots have been fired regardless of number;it is easier to clean right after you have shot,than to keep using your rifle until you have a certain number of shots through it on different outings.
    I use Hoppes Benchrest 9,I push a patch through the bore,add solvent at muzzle,pull through bore,trying not to get any in the chamber,push back to muzzle,remove patch and let sit for 5 mins.
    I repeat this a few times,to coat the bore well,run a dry patch through,check for blue,then I run wet/dry patch until dry patch comes out clean.This is when varmint/target shooting after 20 shots.I also run 'shellite' soaked patch through after cleaning to remove all solvent.When I get home I soak the bore with solvent and leave overnight,and do same steps above,oil bore lightly and that's it.
    If I've been hunting,I do the same as above,but I do it with less vigour if only a few shots have been fired.
    I think you should give that bore snake to someone you don't like,they just don't cut the mustard!You're much better off doing it properly from the start with a good quality cleanig rod.
    I always clean my chambers with 'shellite' after I have oiled the bore,this is a good habit to get into,because any oil in the chamber can 'blow primers' or worse!
    Just remember it is far easier to clean your barrel straight after firing ,than leaving it for any period of time.
    Good luck with your rifle.