reviews of 90gr 6mm Scirocco

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  1. mcseal2

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    Dec 16, 2009
    I just got my custom 6mm Rem finished, and tried this bullet. I am still breaking the barrel in and working on loads, but I've already had groups under 1/2" with 39gr of Varget. It's not the cheapest coyote bullet, but it has a good BC for it's weight. I'm thinking of getting a turret build when I finish load development and thought this would be a bullet I could use for everything.

    Anyone shot any game or varmints with this bullet, and how did it perform?

  2. backwoods83

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    Jan 8, 2011
    Sciroccos are great bullets, but they are bonded, better use for deer, antelope, ect, but they will work fine on varmints at closer ranges, inside of 250 yrds where velocity is still high. 80 grn noslers work better on varments or 105 a-max's if you got an 8 twist.

  3. FAL Shot

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    Oct 9, 2010
    My recent experience is with the .224 75-grain Scirocco. My rifle shoots Ballistic Tips a bit more accurately, and BT's are a better varmint bullet due to explosive expansion. I worked up my Scirocco load for deer and antelope, since my .308 Win causes too much meat damage.

    You'll need to shove the Scirocco fast and hard unless you have a very fast twist barrel. You'll see that my best load was just slightly below the book max load.

    Due to the rapid copper fouling, I must view the Scirocco II as a big game bullet only and not a varmint bullet. The cost is also excessive for anything but big game hunting, big predators, or police sniping, etc.

    Not sure yet if this will replace the Nosler Partition 60-grain in my rifle. They cost within a few cents of each other, so performance on big game will be the deciding factor.

    My CZ 527 in .204 Ruger is my predator rifle anyway, which mainly means coyote in this area. 17 cents a bullet sure beats 47 cents a bullet. Also, that rifle shoots 0.44 MOA with 40-grain V-Max. 100-yard and 200-yard zero is exactly the same in that rifle/load combo, and point blank is anything from 50 to 250 yards, meaning prairie-dog-head-sticking-his-head-up-out-of-his-hole point blank range. Coyote point blank range is 0 to 300 yards. Can't see the Scirocco in .224 beating that result, would expect the same in 6mm.

    Scirocco II accuracy has been reported as very good by many users, but nobody so far as I know has reported it beating Balistic Tip or V-Max for absolute accuracy. It's a tough bullet for punching through big game, and you must address the copper fouling issue. Not worth it for varmints, and totally unnecessary anyway.