Results of my first 1,000 yd. Benchrest club competition.

Discussion in 'Long Range Competition' started by joseph, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Jul 26, 2009
    This was the very first time I had ever shot at a paper target at 1,000 yds. The mirage was so bad that I had to change my magnification from 24x to 12x so I could "kinda" see the target.

    We had 2 relays. At the beginning of the first we were allowed 3 sighter shots. Then we had a 20 minute time limit to shoot a 10 shot string to be recorded for group size and score. The second relay was no sighters just 20 minutes to shoot our second 10 shot string for group size and score.

    My first ever 3 sighters centered just outside the ten ring at 4 o'clock. I moved my Vortex PST turrets one click left and one click up. When the target was scored I had a 91-1x with a 10 shot group that measured 14+1/8".

    The wind changed for my second 10 shot string and I read it backwards. The group went higher. It scored 82 and the group measured 17+5/8".

    Well in benchrest class I came in second with a 173-1x The first place was 174-1x and he had smallest group of 9+3/8"

    Now I will experiment with jamming the 105 gr. Berger VLDs. into the rifling. I'm shooting a 6mm Norma BR. Maybe this will get my group size smaller and bring my score up.

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    Dec 31, 2007
    You need more scope, never turned my power down due to mirage in my life shooting at paper, "Aim small, miss small" is the truth!

    Get yourself a 45X45 Leupold,12-42 NSX Nightforce or Sightron 10-50, throw a 4x Bulx eye Booster on there and see the difference.