Results: Load Development & Accurizing (part 3)

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    Please see "Results: Load Development & Accurizing (part 1 & 2)" if you have not read these already for the full story.

    Results: Load Development & Accurizing (part 3)

    7. I was always interested in the ladder system for load development but after reading posts on the form, I decided on using the "Optimal Charge Weight" Load Development. If you are not familiar with this, click here: files/Dan Newberry - OCW.pdf
    So, I posted a question on here recommending a max load for 300 wby mag with H4831 with a 180 gr Accubond (powder and bullet of choice). I found that 83-84 grains was about right. So, I decided to load 4 shots each for 80.0, 80.5, 81.0, 81.5, 82.0, 82.5 and 83.0. I decided to shoot 3 shots each and have a 4th available in case I may have flinched or thought I flinched or some other error.
    Needless to say, my Dad and I were impressed with this load development system and what it showed us!
    I started with a clean barrel. I taped 7 targets to cardboard and leveled each to the ground using a level. Note that the small black grid over the target shows .5" squares. The outside conditions were less than good. 10-15 mph winds, 60 degrees (which helped the lightweight barrel cool very well actually). the wind was the main variable that was less than controllable.
    I was shooting at 100 yards, off a shooting bag in the front and rear. I took 5-10 minutes between shots to allow for adequate cool down. I shot first test shot of 80.0 gr at target 1, 80.5 gr at target 2, 81.0 gr at target 3 and so on up to 83.0 grains. I then went down range and marked the shots with the number 1 indicating the second round. I now did this again for round 2 of all shots and again for round 3. Please note that there is one shot on the 80.0 and 80.5 grain targets that are "X". I basically shot the wrong load at the wrong target. I indicated on the correct targe where these bullets hit with a black dot so I remembered and you can see there. So, don't pay attention to the "X'd" out shots on the two targets as they are incorrect.
    Here are my results:
    80.0 gr. Target: (Disregard "X'd shot as this is 80.5 gr load and should be on next target as indicated by black dot on next target)
    80.5 gr. Target: (Disregard "X'd shot as this is 81.0 gr load and should be on the next target as indicated by black dot on next target)
    …..Continued in part 4.