Results: Load Development & Accurizing (part 2)

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    See previous post "Results: Load Development & Accurizing (part 1)" if you have not read already.

    Results: Load Development & Accurizing (Part 2)
    After expanding barrel channel with sandpaper so barrel does not touch the stock:
    6. After noticing that the 2 pressure points were very uneven (more pressure on one side of the barrel compared to the other) i decided to sand one side down level to the other so that equal pressure was being exerted on the barrel.
    At this point, I could not wait to shoot the rifle to see how it shot with the stock sanded down and pressure points leveled. So, I went out in pouring rain, shot in the middle of the woods off an old very unstable shooting bench and shot 7 shots at a drenched target... The soggy target reflected that the gun still shot 1" groups (but I was in hope that it would shoot tighter now given the wind, rain, bench and uncomfortable shooting conditions!)

    …..Continued in part 3.