remington xp100r

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    Aug 5, 2003
    I have just built a Remington XP100R Custom pistol.Here are specs
    1.16" krieger #7 profile 1-8.5" twist stainless barrel chambered in 260 Rem Match
    2.Factory Rem/McMillan stock that I pillar bedded and skim bedded and built up the forend with fiberglass so I could put the heavy profile barrel in the channel and freefloat it.
    3.Reciever and bolt have been trued
    4.factory trigger set at 2.5# with no creep or overtravel and working safety.
    5.Metal parts and stock have been Duracoated in Semi-gloss black
    I have started the break-in and doing one shot clean shots at one target, I put five into 3/8".It only has twenty rounds thru it now.It is going to be a great shooter.No scope or trades.$1050 OBO email me for pics at