Remington Sendero SFII ejection issues

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  1. jhlobik

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    Jun 30, 2009
    I recetly bought a Remington Sendero SFII in 300 WIN MAG. I love everything about the rifle with the exception of one thing. Ejection. I dont know if it is a tech problem or if I'm not ejecting correctly. Here is the problem: When fired, the round often remains in the chamber after I pull the handle back, especially if I wait and then pull it slowly. If I hit it hard and fast up and backwards immediately after the shot, then it ejects with most factory cartridges. If I wait till it cools a few seconds, then sometimes it does not eject and I'm forced to tilt my rifle up to get the case slide backwards so I can take it out by hand. A few times I had to push it down with cleaning rod cause it just would not come out when hot. Now, that would be a major, especially when I'm hunting black bear or a hog and I need a quick follow up shot. I dont know if its my individual extraction technique thats causing it, or what, but I'd hate to send the rifle back to Remington, especially that I've just sighted-in the scope and just shot a 1.5" at 200 yars with it yesterday with Hornady 150gr SST.

    Does anyone ever have this problem? Any comments, recommendation from you guys would be really appreciated.
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    Jun 12, 2006
    I generally work bolt guns pretty hard as that's how they were designed to. Have a good once over of the bolt and make sure there aren't any brass shavings stuck in the extractor or ejector. Strip the bolt and give it a good cleaning. I had one that got some oil in those areas that was causing issues. A quick wipe and no problems since.