Remington Sendero 300 WM and Huskamaw Scope Ring Help

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  1. stevotary

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    Jan 5, 2012
    Does anyone know what kind of rings I should get for my 300 win mag Remington Sendero for a 5-20x50 Huskamaw scope. I went to Carters Country and at first they gave me leopold tall rings and I asked if they were sure they were tall enough. They said no they weren't sure, so they went to the back and got some leopold ultra tall rings and were about to send me out the door with ultra tall rings. I told them I wanted to get the shortest possible, so i brought the gun in to have them put them on. The sales guy brought it to the back with the ultra tall rings and didn't tell the gunsmith to try the shorter ones first until after I reminded him and the gunsmith was finished. They were quick to say it was the ultra tall was the best route. I didn't get a warm and fuzzy if it really was, or if the work was already done, so they were just trying to get me out the door. So, my sendero has ultra tall leopold rings for my scope. There is a fairly good gap between the scope and the barrel. Is this okay? Should I do something else? Any advise on what would be better would be appreciated. I'm just getting into long range shooting and do not want something as simple as rings to limit my accuracy.

    Scope Specs:
    BD 5-20x50 Scope

    Total Length: 345.4mm
    Eyepiece Length: 92.5mm
    Objective Length: 110.7mm
    Objective Diameter: 59mm
    Eyepiece Diameter: 43.6mm
    Tube Diameter: 30mm
    Mounting Length: 142.2mm
    Front Ring Space: 50.8mm
    Rear Ring Space: 54.4mm

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    Feb 12, 2012
    59 mm = 2.32283 " that is the diameter of the objective in inches. Half of that is 1.161415" or the minimum height a ring would need to clear the barrel. If you add a one piece rail that the rings attach to you are going to add that height also.

    Rings 1 inch, plus a rail, minus half the diameter of the scope tube is about the minimum possible, no?

    Of course this all theory:D

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  3. Hookturnr

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    Jan 10, 2010
    You definitely want to get it down as low as comfortable. I've got a vortex sitting in warne medium 30mm rings on and egw 15moa base and still have plenty of clearance..