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  1. mvf22

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    Nov 2, 2010
    hey all , my name is mike im new to the fourm. this spring i am going to taking a long range shoooting class, i dont yet have a rifle but i am in the market for one. i was considering the 700 sps tactical in .308 to get me started and then when the funds allow for it i would make some up grades to it. i was wondering what your guy's thoughts are on this rifle and possibly what this rifle is accurate out to ?
  2. Kevin Thomas

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Hi Mike,

    you're off to a good start here, and assuming the rifle shoots accurately to start with, should do you fine for some time to come. As far as the effective range question, that's a bit subjective. The 308 is very widely used as a 1,000 yard target cartridge, but those are specialty rifles built just for that purpose; very specific throating, specialized chambers and bullets matched to this type of shooting. With a standard off-the-rack rifle, given some good long range ammo like the M118LR or a commercial equivalent, I'd say 700-800 yards shouldn't be out of reach, assuming you're willing got put in the trigger time.

    I'f you're handloading already, you can get a head start here by selecting bullets that are suitable for these distances, basically a 175 grain and up. Don't hesitate to ask questions here, and you'll find more than a few answers to ponder. Welcome to the site!

  3. Major Dave

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    Oct 13, 2011
    I bought one of these Remington 700 SPS Tacticals. I expected good things of it with the short stiff barrel. Unfortunately, I was sadly disappointed. I could barely get 1 MOA groups out of it - and that only with a sandbag under the action. Off a bipod or with the sandbag under the forend - minute of barn door!

    I sent it over to a custom 'smith, who is free-floating the barrel, and fixing the fact that the bolt handle doesn't close fully. Apparently he's had to take a lot of material out to get the bolt to lock-up properly. I was really disappointed. I had thought Big Green's quality control problems were behind it, but apparently, that is not the case.

    He's also putting new bottom metal on it to accept a detachable magazine. Trying to load cartridges through that tiny ejection port under time pressure at a match is an exercise in frustration.

    The choice of a Hogue Overmoulded stock is OK, but they should have gone the extra few yards and used the version with the full-length aluminium bedding. And what is the deal with only one sling attachment point in the forend? Two is pretty much standard on tactical rifles.

    Will report back when I get the rifle back with the work done. Here's hoping that all the problems are fixed.
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  4. bbru

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    Feb 2, 2012
    I have the same rifle and mine is a phenomenal shooter. With federal 168 gr gold medal match it shoots under 1/2" consistent groups all day everyday. I have shot some 175gr sierra matchkings that shot one hole. Unfortunately i dont reload, so i stick with the federals
  5. BearDog

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    Feb 8, 2012
    I also have the SPS tac in .308, and I consistently shoot around .5MOA with 168gr AMAX. I switched out the stock on here and went with a Bell & Carlson Tactical Medalist Style 3 w/ "Hook". I had a hard time shooting sub moa before I did that. Now, as my grandpa says, "shes tits on" haha.
  6. Codyg510

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    Jun 12, 2012
    My experience has been similar. Despite the overall low cost and non-free floated barrel the rifle will still produce around .5-.75MOA with FGMM 168 SMK. Handloads with 168 grain AMAX will consistently produce <=.5 MOA.

    A stock and trigger upgrade certainly couldn't hurt as the $ becomes available.
  7. Eagle Six

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    Jun 11, 2012
    .....well I thought I would ask mvf22 what type of long range class he was going to attend and when in the spring. I was thinking the answer to those 2 questions would help me make a more meaningful reply.....until I realized he has only one post....this thread and that was back in November of 2010! I am curious as how that class, over a year ago, turned out for him.

    Best Regards.....Eagle Six