Remington 700 pss

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Ok guys I need alittle help. I have a Remington pss police and am thinking about using it as a long range hunting rifle. What do you guys think about this. Is it too heavy for this and what mods do you think it needs to be accurate to a 1000 yds. Oh and I'm getting a nightforce 5.5x22 g7 scope and it is 300 WM

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Sounds like a great rifle not to heavy at all. I'm not sure you need to do anything at all to it if it shoots good now, it already has great stock. You should just get your scope, build your handload and go from there. Dont start spending a whole bunch of money on stuff you think you might need until your sure you need it. One thing I will suggest you buy is and IPOD touch and then buy the ballistics app for it and you will need a wind meter and a rangefinder.

    I always send a new factory rifle to Kevin Cram at montoure county rifle in PA and have him do his accuracy package on it. He tunes the trigger laps the lugs re cuts the crown and bedds the action. It dosent cost much and it can turn a rifle that shoots 5" groups at 200 yards into one that will shoot under an inch.