Remington 700 BDL 300 ULTRA MAG krieger barrel

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Remington 700 bdl 300 ultra mag with blue engraved reciever. The gun was a 7 ultra with the blue engraved reciever and i sent it to krieger and they installed a 27in. Stainless fluted 51/2 contour barrel with an oversized lug with a 1:10 twist. The gun has 63 shots thru it and it is the best shooting gun i have. When i recieved the gun back and started with the break-in shots the first ones was shooting 1/2 in groups it has a bell and carlson MEDALIST stock green with black webbing that i fit myself and i bedded the recoil lug only. It has a burris black diamond i would sell with or without it. I bought it new and sent it to burris and had a ballistic plex puy in it. The whole outfit is only 3 months old. You can call and i will tell you more about the gun if interested. I ALSO HAVE 450 NEW REM BRASS AND 100 NEW NOSLER BRASS IF INTERESTED IN THEM ALSO THESE WILL BE EXTRA CHARGE. I WILL NOT SELL BRASS SEPERATE AND I SENT THE BOLT OFF AND HAD IT FLUTED

    gun only 1400.00
    gun with scope 1900.00
    ted blevins----276-620-0169
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