Remington 40X 6-284 Win Krieger Barrel

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    May 2, 2003
    Complete Rifle... SPF>>>> SPF>>>>

    Remington 40X Action Trued and Sako Extractor blued finish
    Remington 40X trigger

    Chamber is a PTG match reamer in 6-284 Win no turn

    Barrel is 28" Krieger # 17 contour with muzzle break.
    Barrel was a 1000 yard LG chambered in 6mmBRX have 600 rounds down it then rechambered in for this rifle. Barrel in like brand new. Barrel has only been test fired since rechambered.

    Stock is a factory Walnut 40X stock, it is very used. not cracked or split, just dings and scratches.

    $900.00 plus $25 shipping
    shipped from FFL to FFL holder

    Eric Springman

    email for pictures.
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