Rem model 788 stock

Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by ackiddblast, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. ackiddblast

    ackiddblast Active Member

    Jul 24, 2005
    does anyone know where i could find a synthetic tactical stock for a rem 788 22-250?

    ac barnett
  2. redbone

    redbone Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2005
    I have a few REM 788 rifles I have been looking for stocks . I have an remline stock new in box I will sale . Gun stock INC will make you an wood thumbhole stock . an you can get an new Rem 788 stock from Remington MFG . for about 65.00 I fond them last week . H S will not make any stocks for the 788 an I have called about every stock makers trying to find some one to make an tactial stock to . I will give all of the info I have found just PM or EMAIL me for more INFO .