Rem 700 LA Action sleeve

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    Rem 700 LA Action sleeve by JJ Industies
    Prevents Action Flex For Improved Accuracy

    Precision machined, aluminum action sleeve helps prevent receiver twist and bend for improved accuracy with your Remington 700. Integral, full-length Davidson-style dovetail base fits most precision competition rings and allows mounting a variety of high power scopes. Square, flat-bottom design with large surface area provides maximum contact and a firm hold during recoil. Footprint matches a Stolle Panda action for an easy fit to most benchrest stocks. Integral front lug provides additional stiffness and helps prevent flexing, a must-have for precision rifles. Features complete 360ยบ coverage around the receiver to provide maximum bedding surface for a rock-solid hold. Built from 7050-T7451 aircraft aluminum for minimum weight without sacrificing strength. Pre-drilled to match factory hole spacing, includes milled bolt handle slot and trigger cut-out. Requires machining out shell ejection port.long action (LA) Remington 700 receivers with hinged floorplates and blind magazines, however will not allow magazine use. Fits right hand actions only. $225