Rem 700 BBL fitting question

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by royinidaho, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I should be embarrassed to even consider posting this anywhere near where the name gunsmithing is used. But hey! I'ma redneck:rolleyes:

    Am working on one of those DIY things which requires screwing a barrel chambered and fitted to another REM 700 action onto a different REM 700 action. Notice I said screwing not fitting. I otta get at least a little credit for that:D

    If I screw the barrel in and head space is excessive why not just make the recoil lug a little thinner?

    If the result is too little head space why not use a washer of the proper dimensions?

    As is obvious, I'm not hesitant about asking really dumb questions:rolleyes:
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    Mar 13, 2003

    I'm not positive here, but I beleive if you make the recoil lug thinner without shortening the back of the barrel you wind up squeezing the bolthead, maybe, guess it would depend on how far you have to go. Not sure how much clearance there is between the front of the bolt and the back of the barrel. If that makes any sense.

    If there is to little space they do make thicker recoil lugs, though getting exactly what you need might be tricky, you may have to do some grinding.

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