Rem 300 SAUM with Hill country work done.

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Remington Model 7 SS .300 SAUM. J-lock replaced with a Gre-Tan assembly. McMillan Mtn. Rifle pattern painted Olive with Black webbing with 1" Decelerator and standard 13.5" LOP Tally LW rings/ bases included

    Hill Country Rifles put it together, and accurized. Shoots Remington 165gr. Core-Lokt PSP under 1/2 MOA. Shoots Nosler Custom Ammunition 180gr. NP a little over MOA.

    Round count is approx. 140

    Will include Approx 250 pieces of brass. 50 unfired Nosler, 200 unfired Rem brass and RCBS dies.

    Gun shoots 165 gr Nosler BT very well! 1/2" range.

    Would trade for a Rem Sendero 308 or 300 RUM Prefer the Stainless Flutted model. Might look at other trades of equal value. Got the gun off here and might regret selling it, It shoots fantastic, Just want a Sendero style gun for some long range shooting here at the gun club. This would make a super hunting gun. Send me youir Email for Pictures.