Rem 300 rum Sendero II fs or ft

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I am new on this forum but a friend sugested I list this rifle here.

    Remington 700 Sendero II .300 Rem Ultra Mag. In HS PST stock with threaded barrel (can also be used for suppressor) with VIAS muzzle brake. This brake reduces recoil to less than my .308 M24 rifle. It has had a trigger job and accurizing done to this rifle. I also has the Remington MARS 20 moa base on this rifle which is not available to civilians (I think it only comes on M24 rifles). Exactly 140 rds fired . It fires one hole groups at 100 yds with hand loads. It also comes with a brand new Shilen select match grade barrel that has been fitted, chambered and fluted (It is still in the shipping tube not on the rifle). Also includes 120rds of once fired brass and Lyman 2 die reloading set. I also have 5 rds of hand loaded ammo for face to face sales.

    If someone does not want the MARS unit I will sell it separate after I sell the rifle.

    $1500 shipped

    I have a buyer for the brass, MARS base and extra barrel if someone just wants the rifle.

    I also have this listed on