Rem 11-87 Super Mag Turkey problem

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    Apr 3, 2006
    Hoping someone here has some info on what happened with a brand new Rem 11-87 super mag .....I had installed a "SURE CYCLE" recoile spring kit before ever firing it....reinstalled the link properly, (pretty impossible to put it in wrong) and went to test some Turkey loads on paper...shot one Federal 3.5", one Rem Nitro mag 2-3/4", and then fired two Win 3.5" supreme turkey 2OZ loads....both loaded single shot....after the second shot, the bolt would only open about 3/4" and stop.....pulled trigger group, and the link arms were out of the spring cup (that retains both sides of the link fingers, and bent into almost the shape of a pair of scissor handles....almost looped in opposite directions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have replaced the SURE CYCLE system with the stock spring set up, ordered 2 new links (1 spare) ...i am at a loss why this happened, everything i had read on the Sure Cycle System was positive...may be this is a one in a million, or do the 11-87 Super Mags have problems????? Thanks for taking the time to read this long winded post, and for any help........rsbhunter
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